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ScarWork is the genius invention of the gifted Sharon Wheeler who, at the age of 22, trained with Dr. Ida Rolf (founder of Structural Integration) in 1970. Sharon has been researching and evolving ScarWork for the past 45 years.

Producing scar tissue is a normal part of our body's response to trauma. The problem is that the substance which mends also leaves behind tension, restriction and disorganization. As scar tissue matures it begins to pull and drag on surrounding areas and even organs can also be affected. For example, adhesions can interfere with normal peristaltic action of the colon which can lead to an obstructed bowel.

ScarWork, as an intervention therapy:
  • Reduces swelling, tightness and numbing
  • Improves general overall tissue function
  • Helps restore natural appearance
  • Is fast, painless and permanent
  • Is gynecologist and dermatologist recommended 


ScarWork uses a light, casual touch and is rarely painful, and the amount of change in one intervention is extensive. Lumps, gaps, ridges, holes, bumps, knots, and strings in the tissue rapidly smooth out into a three dimensional fascial web. ScarWork starts with surface layers, going further into involved viscera which often reduces nerve-impaired numbness and results in large, whole-body shifts and trauma resolution.

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